October 5 Care Council Minutes

Heart of the Valley MPC Care Council Minutes, Special Meeting Oct 5, 2015 In attendance: Becky, Richard, Joyce. Christine Joyce invited the bell to begin the meeting. Richard was the notetaker. Joyce reiterated that this meeting was called to request support for the evening sit. A few other items were also discussed. 1. The CC “monitors” the activities of the community and, as such, Joyce suggested that we maintain a calendar so that activities are coordinated with one another. Such a calendar is already started with our study schedule. Joyce is currently keeping the calendar, and hopes that Becky will take it over in the spring. 2. We still don’t have a lot of people signing up to help in the morning, before meditation. Richard will make an announcement tomorrow, and follow-up with other ideas if sign-ups are not forthcoming. 3. Joyce is working on dates and a location for classes with Michael Ciborski and Fern Dorrestyn, as requested at the all-sangha meeting. CC members suggested getting input from the community and giving that to Michael and Fern as they develop the content of the classes. 4. Joyce reported having reserved the Norwich Library for an evening sit. She requested, and received suggestions for a flyer, for advertising in the Valley News, etc. Becky will look for an image of Thay to put on the flyer and Joyce will work on the text. We will contact Gail and Wayne to include info about the sit on the web site. We will also post info about the sit on the Upper Valley list serve when the time of the first sit, Oct 29, is closer.

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