During the pandemic, sanghas and Dharma teachers opened to wider audiences and many practitioners availed themselves of the opportunity to join multiple sanghas. Additionally, there are opportunities to participate in virtual book discussion groups and Days of Mindfulness, some of which can be accessed in the links below for monasteries. Also, the Plumline directory offers a wide range of practice opportunities from across the country on every day of the week. Most are free or dana based. Click here to learn more.

Heart of the Valley Mindfulness Practice Center is on Facebook.  Click here

In the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh there are 4 monasteries, which host Mindfulness Retreats and welcome guests wishing to visit during other times of the year.  Below are links to the monastery websites, which have much information on events and teachings through podcasts and pdf’s.

Blue Cliff Monastery, Pine Bush, NY

Plum Village Monastery, France

Deer Park Monastery, California

Magnolia Grove Monastery, Batesville, Mississippi

Morning Sun Mindfulness Center Retreat Center,  Alstead, NH

Articles of interest on Mindfulness: From time to time we receive links to articles on mindfulness. Any interested in sharing such an article should contact us using that tab on the top of this page. Here is the first such article submitted by Madeline and Katy Adams:

Mindfulness for Children with Insomnia and Anxiety

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