MPC Treasurer’s Report for 2022

Heart of the Valley Mindfulness Practice Center 2022 Financial Overview

CURRENT YEAR EXPENDITURES AND REVENUES: An overview of the spending and revenue for for the Heart of the Valley Mindfulness Practice Center (MPC) for 2022 is provided in chart form below and in pie charts on the next page. As you can see, the MPC spent roughly $100 less than it took in, an improvement over last year when we spent roughly $2,700 more than we received in donations. Two factors contributed to this improvement in our cash flow for the past year: donations TO the sangha increased from $5,204 to $6,583 and donations FROM our sangha dropped from $3,500 to $2,133. This past year our donations included $925 to seed the sangha discretionary fund, $538 for trees to be planted at Blue Cliff Monastery, $550 for Loving Work, and $120 for Morning Sun. We also realized savings in our rental rates since we pay only St. Barnabas $250/month for rent the use of their facility, their internet if we need it, and space for storage, the same amount we previously paid St. Francis. This resulted in a net savings of $480 for 2021. Our operating expenses include monthly zoom fees, annual post office and web page fees, and a fee to renew our non-profit status. 

CHANGE IN BANK ACCOUNT – DECEMBER 31, 2021 VS. DECEMBER 31, 2022: At the conclusion of 2021 the MPC had a balance of $9,239. At the conclusion of 2022 the MPC checking account balance was $9,320 and the balance of the MPC Sangha Discretionary Fund is $415. The MPC also has a CD valued at $4,670 that has not been drawn against for over a decade giving the organization a net balance of $14,405. Here is the summary for the expenditures and revenues for 2022: 

Rent – St. Barnabas$3,000.00
Donations by MPC$2,133.00
Operating Expenses$743.35
Dana for Kirtan$50.00
Scholarships, Books$67.55
Check, Bank Contributions $ 5,355.00 
Cash Donations from Sits $ 1,228.00 
Sangha Fund Seed Donation $   640.00 

NOTE: Contributions are lump sum donations made by check or monthly bank deductions that are placed in our bank account. The Cash Donations are those funds collected at the sits in donation baskets in the form of cash or checks made out to MPC. Counting the collection of seed money for the Sangha Discretionary Fund These donations increased by $1,324 in 2022, in large measure because of the increase in the number of in-person meetings where much of the cash donations were received. 

RECOMMENDATION: Assuming the increase in donations in 2022 is sustained and not expecting any increase in expenditures in 2023, MPC will consider higher donation levels in September, 2023.