Care Council Role and Responsibilities

Heart of the Valley MPC Care Council


  • Nurtures and protects the harmony of the Sangha
  • Facilitates the deepening practice and spiritual growth of Sangha members. 
  • Monitors and supports the attainment of the goals established at the full Sangha meeting
  • Explores solutions and approaches to issues raised by individuals and committees within the sangha. This protects the time and spirit of other groups. 
  • Provides a safe place and process for conflict resolution


  • The Care Council consists of no fewer than four individuals who volunteer at the all Sangha meeting, though all sangha members are welcome to attend meetings. If possible, at least one individual on the council will have previous service. No individual should serve more than four consecutive years. 
  • The Care Council meets quarterly or more often if deemed necessary by the Board.
  • Care Council meetings and agenda topics will be announced verbally and via email at least two weeks in advance.  
  • The Care Council Operates by consensus of the members in attendance at each meeting using the model described in Joyfully Together by Thich Nhat Hanh. All in attendance at the meeting will reach harmony of views by embodying loving speech and deep listening. 
  • The Care Council places the welfare of the Sangha above personal preference. 

Role and Responsibilities

  • Limited to making those decisions regarding the functioning of the Sangha that are delegated by the board
  • In response to issues raised by individuals or committees, develops options or policy suggestions for consideration by the Sangha
  • Serves as an umbrella for Sangha members who may want to propose special events, like a retreat, Day of Mindfulness, or Sangha outing. 
  • Keeps the Sangha informed of opportunities for deepening of the practice through attendance at events sponsored by other Sanghas and/or meditation groups. 

The over-arching goal of the Care Committee is to protect the harmony of the Sangha by addressing issues that drain positive energy and by identifying and helping with the implementation of actions that increase positive energy. It allows an informed decision and/or a set of thoughtful solutions to be reached by those who care to attend Care Committee meetings and protects the time and spirit of regularly scheduled Sangha activities.